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Choose the perfect swimsuit

The year is approaching, and with it the bathing season on the beaches and pools. If you have not yet brought your body into the top form for the summer, do not worry, because you can feel like a real giant by choosing a good swimmer.

Ideal bathing on the body highlights virtues, and conceals flaws.

Certainly, in the end, choose a model that makes you feel the most comfortable.If you have problems with the surplus around the waist, one-piece pieces will visually lower the stomach, and show your chest and hips. In a combination of material, transparent and non-transparent, your silhouette will surely work more coherently. The color should be darker, it is perfectly black.

  • For women with smaller breasts

    Ideal bathing suits (one-piece or two-piece) with a reinforced basket. If you are planning to buy a costume, do not overload it with “stuffed” vonder bra braces. Also, as a trick, it can also serve bathing with molded carnets, crayons or floral applications.

  • For very tall women

    All those swimwear that are intense colors and patterns are recommended, and the best choice is horizontal stripes. Try both remarkable materials, streaks, crystals, bowls and decorative chains.

  • If you have wider hips than your shoulders

    You should wear a classic model of the lower part of the swimsuit, which is as simple as possible, and the upper part could be tied around the neck because such a way of binding visualizes the upper part of the body. Choose swimwear with pencils, striking patterns and bright colors. You can also combine, so for example buy the lower part in black or dark, and the top is decorated with detail or with some modern print.


Larger breasts require support in the upper part

so consider the swimsuit set with a wire. Choose the upper part that, for example, ties around the neck, which will support your chest and elongate the figure. Just do not wear bikinis with small triangles.

If you have shorter torso or legs, the illusion of the elongated figure will give swimwear that is high cut on the thighs, as well as the vertical line. You can also select the one-color lower part and the upper part with a pattern.